CardMobili’s success is based on providing a complete toolkit to enable digital wallet strategies.

Our stable, well-established digital wallet platform provides the spectrum of functionality required to drive m-commerce – from strong content aggregation capabilities, to a modular and flexible architecture that delivers truly open wallet implementations.

The company is also at the cutting edge of new innovations – for example, leading a research-based collaboration on mobile payment platforms involving near field communications (NFC) technology.

CardMobili has an extensive track record, working with a broad spectrum of leading mobile network operators, blue chip retail brands and major financial institutions. These include:

Portugal Telecom selected CardMobili to enable new Digital Wallet.

Tiago Silva Lopes, Director at Portugal Telecom:

“CardMobili has been firmly established as a leading innovator in the loyalty space for a number of years, and is one of the most experienced players in this rapidly evolving market. We see them as a natural and logical choice of partner, helping to accelerate our time-to-market as well as providing us with a wholly optimised digital wallet service that exactly meets our requirements. This will deliver tangible benefits - greater convenience and increased opportunities for interaction for our users, as well as an important new revenue stream and a new consumer channel for Portugal Telecom.”


CardMobili enables a new generation digital card for AdvanceCare’s healthcare insurance plan subscribers, enabling access to advanced customer services and healthcare information anywhere and anytime.


CardMobili was chosen as BES’ partner to deliver the bank’s digital and mobile credit card for online shopping – an innovative and convenient service that delivers maximum security on card data storage and usage.


CardMobili’s enabling technology is powering the Portugal Electrical Company’s (EDP) digital client card, which provides customers with access to a network of partners, offering discounts on shopping and leisure activities.