We believe in a future where mobile devices sit at the very centre of consumer activities

Digital wallets will provide the core connection between consumers and exciting new services. This is what drives every aspect of our business – from technology innovation, solution development and evolution, to successful implementations and a unique cloud-based digital wallet platform.

CardMobili’s solutions are designed to help unlock important new revenue streams from digital wallet services. Our long-standing expertise has created one of the most complete platforms currently available, providing network operators, retailers and financial services organisations with a powerful foundation for their innovative, next generation digital wallets.

Our core digital wallet platform is the driving force behind a complete portfolio of products – encompassing loyalty services, campaigns, communications, shopping and mobile payments.

In short, CardMobili adds value to every element of the digital wallet, offering a comprehensive suite of products:

Create and manage fully digital, mobile loyalty and rewards programmes.

Powering a brand's customer services by integrating its wide-ranging functionality with existing systems.

Develop and monitor targeted digital and mobile promotional campaigns, integrated with external management systems.

Suite of generic integration interfaces for standard payment scenarios. Integrates all payment infrastructures, integrated with existing payment networks.

Establish and manage mobile commerce experiences integrated with business technology systems.

Create, manage and optimize beacon powered mobile marketing experiences.