CardMobili sheds new light on strategic digital wallet services

November 04, 2014

Tuesday 4th November 2014 - Porto, Portugal, and London, UK: CardMobili, a leading provider of advanced digital wallet solutions, has published in insightful paper on digital wallet services, identifying the key factors for successful adoption and providing a perspective on the reasons behind market failures to date. Including a detailed discussion of payment-centric strategies versus consumer-benefit focused approaches, the paper incorporates the latest market data and analysis from several existing digital wallet solutions operating in the marketplace and pitches a strong argument in favour of aggregating value-added services as opposed to the more common payment-centric strategy.

CardMobili’s CEO Helena Leite expands:

“We believe that the digital wallet definitely has the potential to disrupt conventional commercial practice, and adds an important new dimension that can deliver viable revenue benefits. The fact is that the digital wallet concept continues to hold considerable attraction for mobile network operators, merchants, financial institutions and technology providers. On the down side, there is quite simply no magic formula that guarantees market traction. We argue that a successful digital wallet relies on understanding how value-added services can be used to aggregate the shopping lifecycle, putting the emphasis on the consumer journey – rather than the reliance on reinventing payment practices, which has been the most common approach to date. In producing this material, we wanted to provide an assessment of what works and what does not, based on our extensive market experience. Our conclusion is that the critical element involves introducing value-added services that are commercially viable and commerce-oriented. The digital wallet concept has huge potential – but we need to open our minds to its broader appeal if we are ever going to realise it fully.”

The CardMobili white paper “Digital Wallet Services – Myths and Reality: A commercial perspective on success and failure factors” is available for download at CardMobili White Paper - Digital Wallet Services

About CardMobili

CardMobili has been innovating in the digital wallet sector for a number of years, making the company one of the most experienced players in this rapidly evolving market. Partnering with leading global mobile network operators and retail brands, CardMobili’s technology and solutions have provided the platform for numerous successful roll-outs, helping to unlock important new revenue streams and dynamically enhancing the customer experience. Among CardMobili’s most recent projects is the enablement of Portugal Telecom’s new digital wallet strategy, including the launch of MEO CardMobili – Portugal Telecom’s free smartphone application that links loyalty cards and discounts.

An early pioneer in the digital wallet space, CardMobili launched its first mobile service in 2009. Its expertise and proven technology has subsequently contributed to successful service roll-outs for numerous clients, across integration into existing mobile commerce programmes, such as loyalty and rewards, as well as completely new service launches. Continuous developments to CardMobili’s platform have strengthened its market position, and are enabling the company to partner with leading global mobile network operators, financial institutions, utilities companies and retail merchants, as a core technology provider.

From mobile loyalty and rewards schemes, to advanced mobile commerce deployments – CardMobili is firmly established as the partner of choice. The company’s solutions combine the tools, the expertise, and the support to realise the strategic digital wallet vision and deliver tangible commercial value. More information about CardMobili is available at

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