Targeted digital and mobile promotional offers

M|Campaigns allows the creation and management of targeted digital and mobile promotional campaigns – either independently, or integrated into existing campaign management systems.

A flexible and unique product, M| Campaigns addresses the specific requirements of promotional strategies. Individual digital campaigns can be designed and delivered, as a powerful means of increasing brand activity and overall engagement.

The product’s comprehensive set of features makes it highly adaptable, covering multiple business applications, to fulfill strategies for engagement and to influence shopping decisions.

M| Campaigns supports the spectrum of campaign design requirements, as well as the full range of processes, such as the creation, publishing and management of actionable and targeted promotional events, together with real-time capabilities for performance tracking.

Generating revenue with a dynamic digital experience

M|Campaigns offers a high level of digital convergence, with the capacity to increase transactions and point-of-contact engagement between merchants and brands. By supporting a customer-centric digital experience, M|Campaigns enables the anywhere-anytime delivery of offers, maximising their relevance and time-related value. Campaign costs can be reduced, with M|Campaigns employing digital convergence and a tactical approach for generating revenue and increasing consumer footfall.

M|Campaigns can be applied for:

  • Loyalty linked or standalone offers
  • Merchant offers, discounts and coupons
  • Free and pre-paid coupons
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Daily deals or flash sales campaigns
  • Vouchers and gift certificates

  • Digital coupon publishing and issuing, with targeted distribution capabilities using location and demographic data.
  • Mobile and web-based in-store mobile acceptance solutions, to redeem offers and track campaign performance.
  • Location-based services, with the ability to search on mobile phones.
  • Support for multiple reading methods: display, key in code, 1D barcode, QR code and NFC.
  • User experience can be integrated with the mobile loyalty program and social network strategy for increased visibility.
  • Campaign analytics, to track and optimize campaign performance with real-time metrics on campaign effectiveness.