Reach customers anytime and anywhere

M|Communication brings power to a brand´s customer services, either via an autonomous interface for communication, or by integrating its wide-ranging functionality with existing systems.

M|Communication supports brand operations and customer experience management, building loyalty and supporting all stages of the customer life cycle. It allows real-time connectivity to mobile devices and provides reports on customer interactions.

Brand presence combined with a comfortable customer experience is maintained at all times via non-intrusive communication, delivered “on the go” via in-app capabilities.

Maximising brand engagement

M|Communication initiates a conversation channel for continuous brand activity, providing a compelling and engaging customer experience. It enables a merchant to deepen their understanding of the customer, by measuring the level of engagement and satisfaction. M|Communication’s personalised, customer-centric interaction builds confidence and promotes brand advocacy, adding significant value to the customer relationship. The product enables the establishment of high-quality customer-care services, which increase customer satisfaction and retention, to generate cross-selling opportunities.

For organisations looking to leverage their mobile technology, M|Communication allows them to engage with their customers on their own terms. It creates a non-intrusive and low-impact communication channel that minimises disruption to daily life – essentially making the customer a crucial stakeholder in the business.

M|Communication can be applied for:

  • One-to-one, value added, non-intrusive communication with consumer
  • Marketing and communication services
  • Mobile customer care services
  • Integrated Help desk
  • Feedback 2 brand

  • Proactive alerts to users through location-based services, push notifications and other service-related automatic features.
  • Integrated reporting on messages sent and their reading status, with dashboard-style interface.
  • Registration of user status and activity logs for helpdesk activities.
  • Communication is executed in real-time, providing customers with immediate information with minimal intrusion, customised to mobile devices or email.
  • Customers can access touch-to-call capabilities, enabling them to connect quickly on request.
  • Customer review facility, for feedback on services.