Fully digital, mobile loyalty and rewards programmes

M|Loyalty provides a comprehensive set of features to support the creation and management of fully digital, mobile loyalty and rewards programmes, as well as extending existing loyalty programmes to mobile devices.

A highly flexible and adaptable product, M|Loyalty is designed to address an organisation’s unique CRM and loyalty requirements, delivering a convenient and compelling consumer digital experience that strengthens brand loyalty.

Covering multiple business applications, M|Loyalty supports the entire loyalty programme lifecycle, from customer acquisition and registration, to customer card management, benefits management and programme execution.

Delivering maximum brand value

M|Loyalty provides merchants and brands with the opportunity to build and exploit enhanced customer relationships, by evolving loyalty into the digital realm – adding significant value and enabling truly direct customer engagement. By supporting a customer-centric approach, M|Loyalty allows merchants to take ownership of the customer relationship, and use the dynamic and immediate nature of the digital channel for maximum advantage: improving convenience and ease of servicing, while reducing costs.

By ensuring that interactions with the customer can be very closely targeted, implementing M|Loyalty will optimise the cost of operating a loyalty programme, and increase customer loyalty over the longest timescale.

  • Accrue and Redeem-based schemes
  • Partner network programmes
  • Coalition programmes
  • Simple or tiered rewards and programmes
  • Membership programmes
  • Frequent-shopper programmes (i.e. punch cards)

  • Simplified new client registration – digital card issuing.
  • Immediate brand activation on the client’s mobile phone – progressive replacement of the physical card.
  • Client opt-in and opt-out processes for any new loyalty card offered.
  • Automatic updates of changes in loyalty status and card images.
  • Automatic account balance updates (added points, redeemed points, etc.).
  • Customer identification with barcode (1D or 2D).
  • Customer identification with NFC (requires POS to be prepared to receive user identification via NFC).
  • Automatic alerts to the consumer: notifications on mobile phone and email.
  • Integration with social networks: increased loyalty program visibility.