A product portfolio that addresses all aspects of the digital wallet.


Over a number of years, we have identified and developed the key elements required to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

This is matched by a flexible, resilient and future-proof technology foundation from which to deliver the different services required by Mobile Network Operators, Financial institutions and Retailers.

Innovation has been CardMobili’s watchword from the beginning. We act as the key technology provider for digital wallet and mobile value-added services, across loyalty, campaigns, communication, payments, and shopping.

With the CardMobili product portfolio, organisations can enjoy multiple services and advantages that benefit their bottom line. Our digital wallet platform and associated products are continuously being enhanced and evolved, protecting long-term investments.

We offer a low-risk implementation option that is underpinned by proven technology and an extensive deployment track record. We enable fast times-to-market with a ready-todeploy set of products.

Our end-to-end technology platform provides a complete approach to unlock the potential of the digital wallet:

  • Multi-platform digital applications for consumers
  • Robust cloud-based backend server
  • Mobile and web applications for third-party service providers
  • Full integration with service providers
  • Comprehensive back office tools
  • Connection to any external coupon source