Integrating financial transactions into the overall shopping experience

M|Payments provides the ability to pay and access purchases, payment history and invoices – anytime, anywhere.

A suite of generic integration interfaces allows the implementation of standard payment scenarios. A robust and flexible product, M|Payments integrates all payment infrastructures – either independently, or as an extension of existing payment networks.

Technologically agnostic, the M|Payments product suite includes a comprehensive set of processes that support integration scenarios for 3rd Party Payments Processors & Card Vaults, Store Valued Accounts and Trusted Services Manager.

The flexible product suite enables and links payments with marketing programmes and campaign strategies, such as loyalty cards and “offers” campaigns, to provide an integrated value-added experience to an organisation’s customers whenever they interact with its brand.

Advancing mobile commerce

With its emphasis on convenience, M|Payments delivers a seamless experience that encourages regular use, with cashless payment and digital receipts. Its customer-centric approach provides the ability to pay and access purchases, payment history and invoices, from anywhere and at anytime. Representing a powerful branding mechanism, M|Payments operates with existing payment infrastructures, and transforms the shopping experience by influencing the path-to-purchase and creating valuable new sales channels.

Above all, M|Payments represents a powerful catalyst for mobile commerce and mobile shopping. Embedded into marketing programmes, it can dynamically increase cardholder spending and help to shift purchasing decisions to specific card or payment methods.

M|Payments can be applied for:

  • Card linked offers and cashback programmes
  • Closed loop payment solutions
  • Digital payment and gift cards
  • In-app payment and purchases
  • Money transfers and payments

  • Powerful branding mechanism, with quick and simple activation on the customer’s mobile phone – enabling the progressive replacement of the physical card.
  • Automatic account balance updates (plus added rewards, redeemed points, etc.).
  • Customer transaction authorisation with QR code or NFC capabilities.
  • Personalisation and branding flexibility to design and card image.
  • Ability to function as a prepaid form of payment.
  • Peer-to-peer payment capabilities.
  • Bill payments.