Unlock new shopping channels

M|Shopping supports the creation and management of a mobile commerce experience, via integration with existing m-commerce business technology systems.

Designed for maximum flexibility, and for connection to virtually any merchant backend, it delivers the critical extension capabilities for mobile devices.

M|Shopping combines a comprehensive set of features and capabilities with merchandising features, enabling highly effective product marketing, backed by the proven security and reliability of CardMobili’s technology platform.

Enhancing the shopping experience

M|Shopping adds value to the way customers buy as well as the way they pay, with the mobile device’s presence influencing shopping decisions and providing in-store assistance to the customer and the merchant. By helping shoppers with their in-store experience and activities, it generates greater awareness and engagement for digital marketing programmes.

The product combines multiple benefits – it empowers shoppers on the go, provides greater opportunities for customer engagement, and delivers strategically important business differentiation – generating a competitive advantage that can drive sales 24/7.

With M|Shopping’s ability to unlock new shopping channels and promote an enhanced customer experience, it promotes a digital path to purchasing and anywhere-anytime commerce.

M|Shopping can be applied for:

  • Scan to shop
  • Shop and ship
  • Store front/window shop
  • Purchasable campaigns
  • Shopping cart & checkout

  • Generate and download product listings or tags (description; categorisation).
  • Scan to shop from adverts across marketing collateral and channels.
  • Scan tags and product codes to shop using mobile devices and access product information.
  • Shop and share the offer with another user.
  • Automatic alerts and notification customisation for dispatch and delivery messages.
  • Support for shopping activities such as digital receipts; shop and home deliver; shop and pickup at store.
  • General metrics on M|Shopping activities (Views; wish list; abandonment; purchased; etc).