Unlock important new revenue streams from digital wallet services

CardMobili’s digital wallet solution for Mobile Network Operators (MNO) is designed to provide the differentiation needed to capitalise on this important new revenue stream.

It is fully end-to-end, underpinned by an award-winning and proven technology platform. And most importantly, it is ready to deploy immediately.

MNOs hold an important market position, combining three essential elements that are key to the digital wallet proposition:

  • A trusted consumer brand with profound knowledge of the digital business, across its challenges, evolutionary requirements and potential.
  • A well-established relationship with customers and in-depth local market knowledge.
  • The advantage of an existing infrastructure.

As content and service aggregators, MNOs effectively sit at the very centre of the digital wallet opportunity. A well-formulated digital wallet service forms a major strategic differentiator, as well as offering the means to improve fundamental business KPIs.

CardMobili’s suite of products deploys the following core Digital Wallet elements:

  • Loyalty, rewards and membership programmes that provide additional value to the consumer
  • Location-based content and features: where to go, where to buy
  • Communication tools between merchants and consumers for additional brand engagement
  • Offers, promotions, coupons, discounts: delivering all forms of marketing and promotional services to consumers
  • Integrated mobile payments to maximise the overall shopping experience, focusing on all services that drive consumer and merchant value

The real promise of a digital wallet derives from the ability to enable smarter, more efficient commerce through the delivery of value-added services. CardMobili’s MNO business solution combines the platform and the tools with which to support these new revenue streams, enabling MNOs to create a lucrative suite of mobile marketing services, fully integrated in a digital wallet strategy.