Projecting the business to next generation customer affinity programmes

Mobile wallet solutions are a natural evolution to capitalize on existing investments and create significant new value to the customer affinity programmes operated by many retailers.

With CardMobili’s Retail solution, merchants can create a unique branded digital wallet that will deliver tangible bottom line benefits. It enables retailers to deliver individually tailored features for both customers and partners, to encourage a higher level of online and offline shopping activity and bring them closer to the retail brand.

The digital wallet concept leverages customer relationships and enables a process of deeper engagement, building on the loyalty and value-added services already in place. It also helps create the all-important competitive differentiation, by transforming the purchasing journey and payment experience.

We promote a customer-centric approach for retailers, building commercial value through a unique Digital Wallet suite of products that delivers specific value across multiple mobile platforms:

  • Mobile loyalty, supporting the complete programme lifecycle, from customer acquisition and registration, to customer card management, benefits management and programme execution
  • Campaign management, Giving retailers ownership of the customer relationship and a dynamic communications channel – complete with anywhere-anytime delivery of offers
  • Closed loop and private label payments, linking payments with marketing programmes and campaign strategies, for a fully integrated value-added customer experience
  • Location-based content and features: where to go, where to buy
  • Offers, promotions, coupons, discounts: delivering all forms of marketing and promotional services to consumers
  • Delivering a new generation of mobile commerce experience, connecting to virtually any merchant backend and enabling truly effective product marketing

The digital wallet is without doubt one of the most exciting opportunities for retailers. With CardMobili’s Retail solution, we provide the stable technology platform and the advanced facilities that will deliver a new level of digital wallet-based shopping experience. By harnessing existing loyalty programmes, and introducing compelling new services and facilities, retailers can differentiate their brand and derive maximum benefit from a genuinely connected customer-affinity strategy.