End-to-end technology platform enabling digital wallet solutions

CardMobili’s innovative digital wallet platform provides a flexible, resilient and futureproof technology foundation for CardMobili’s dynamic wallet solutions and associated M|Products. It represents the complete toolkit for creating a content-rich wallet with a successful commercial strategy.

Proven after more than 4 years’ operation in a variety of demanding implementations, the latest version of our end-to-end platform is the result of ongoing refinement, testing and evolution, deployed with blue chip brands in demanding realworld situations.

It incorporates all the components required to launch and support a fully specified and functional digital wallet - with the emphasis on fast market deployment, attractive merchant propositions, and dynamic mobile services, together with the proven foundation for supporting a successful digital wallet strategy.

Digital Wallet Platform

CardMobili’s approach is to enable a complete digital wallet ecosystem, with tiered administration and management facilities that deliver benefits to all players:

  • Enabling mobile network operators, financial service companies and retailers to bring a content-rich digital wallet to market rapidly, and monetise their digital wallet business units.
  • Containing the elements needed to support a dynamic brand strategy, bringing merchants on board, with full integration, customisation and extension flexibility.
  • Providing full integration with existing business systems, and easy customisation to reflect specific brand requirements.
  • Enabling the easy extension of an existing plastic- or paper-based loyalty programme.

The CardMobili platform contains four principal technology components:

  • Server (including all Web Portals)
  • Mobile Apps
  • Business Analytics
  • APIs/Integration layer.

Technology overview

As one of the most advanced technology cores currently available, it incorporates multi-platform web and mobile applications for end-users, a robust cloud-based backend server, mobile and web applications for third-party service providers, as well as full integration facilities, comprehensive back office tools, and connectors to any external coupon source. Our platform supports a diverse range of implementation scenarios – from a complete rebranding, or embedding features in an existing application, to a complete back-end solution or simple web portal design. We enable companies to manage every aspect of the digital wallet – across loyalty and rewards, offers and coupons, electronic receipts, product information, and payments.

CardMobili’s approach gives brands the tools to embrace their customers’ shift to mobile as economically, exponentially and seamlessly as possible – delivering a proven platform and exceptional set of solutions with which to extend marketing programmes and achieve commercially viable digital wallet deployments.